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Recommended patterns for knitting with Berroco Cotolana and Remix Light

July 27, 2017

Berroco Cotolana、Remix Lightで編むおすすめパターン

The rainy season is over and summer is in full swing, but for knitters, it's the season when they can't decide whether to knit summer clothes or autumn clothes.
Berroco's Cotolana, Remix Light, which arrived the other day, is the perfect thread for such a time. Here are some patterns that you can wear from mid-summer to late summer and early fall.

*Recommended patterns for knitting with Cotolana*


©Berroco, Inc.
The design is simple and easy to wear. All of Cotolana's colors are smoky, so it would be nice to try colors that you wouldn't normally choose. From 7 balls.


©Berroco, Inc.

This is also a simple cardigan, and it looks like it will be useful in the fall as well. I'm happy that it's a free pattern. From 11 balls.

*Recommended patterns for knitting with Remix Light*

Mama Ruffles
© christina wall
A very cute shawl. There is also a Baby Ruffles pattern for children. You will want to knit together! One ball each for MC and CC.
Pomme de pin Cardigan
©Amy Christoffers
A cardigan with a pattern all the way to the back. It looks like I can use it until the fall. From 3 balls.
Cultivar Cardigan
© Megan Goodacre
Lastly, this cardigan is full of cuteness even in details such as the rubber knitting. It's a very cute design. From 4 balls.

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