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"Writing patterns" online course starts

December 05, 2020


I decided to start a course that I had been hoping for a long time.
Currently, we are doing basic courses and applied courses online, but in fact, at the end, we are given homework to write a template like a pattern. At that time, everyone seems to face the difficulty of writing patterns.

If you just write what you have knitted in order, it will become a pattern, but now the technique of writing patterns is evolving year by year, and each designer is in a state of trial and error. When I look at the same designer for several years, I can see the process of their writing style getting better and better. I hope you are all studying.
I am also learning every day as one of the designers and as the pattern manager of amirisu.

You may not feel it much just by knitting, but for me, who sees a lot of patterns, there is a clear distinction between good patterns and bad patterns.
For that reason, I am working hard to only include so-called "clever patterns" on amirisu.

In the lecture, I will teach you general theory for writing patterns, how to develop sizes, and how to make patterns that are easy to knit and sell.
This course is intended for those who have already knitted sentence patterns to some extent, and those who want to write patterns using their own designs.
I won't blame you for not doing your homework!

It's been 11 years since I started making Japanese sentence patterns. I would love to share my experience with you all.

Check out the course content here ! We are looking forward to your participation.

Noriko Ochiai

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