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Knitting Management 1

May 15, 2020

編み物経営学 1

I have briefly introduced the path I have followed in my knitting work history at Tokuko, but as the next story, I would like to talk about how I have established knitting as a job, including the know-how.

The Knitting Class Establishment Course was previously sold as a course, but the content has become outdated with the passage of time, so we temporarily stopped selling it. I would like to think about it with everyone.

The first topic I would like to present is what constitutes a fair reward.
It's not just about knitting, but it's very difficult to get what you think you're getting paid for in any craft or arts job.
For example, when it comes to teaching knitting, in Japan, major handicraft stores offer free courses from time to time, and I often hear that if you buy yarn, a pattern will come with it for free, and the course is also free.

Yes, once you buy the thread, everything else is free. When I started this job, I felt very uncomfortable with the gap between a person who makes a living selling patterns on Ravelry and a world that completely ignores this Japanese designer.
Knitting yarn cannot be sold unless the designer thinks about the pattern. In fact, both sides have to get paid properly.

How do you guys price the products you build or the courses you do? What is fair compensation?

I would like to talk about that point first.
The photo is Escher designed for amirisu18m.

In order to accept questions at any time, we will use the Happy Knitting circle (300 yen per month) that we are doing in note from the next time. Feel free to ask me questions by joining us here! Please join us if you want to read more.

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