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Introduction to Sewing Patterns

March 30, 2019


When you feel the warmth of spring, many of you may be itching to sew. We have a lot of sewing patterns in amirisu, so we will introduce them.

Grainline Studio

Pattern made by Jen Beeman living in Chicago, USA. It's simple yet modern, and it's easy to match with any outfit.

From beginner patterns like Tokuko's previous Willow Tank Dress

There are also Archer Button Up shirts with buttons and Tamarack Jacket .

There are many T-shirt and dress patterns that can be used in the coming season.

Papercut Patterns

This brand, which arrived from New Zealand, is made with the concept of creating wear that can be enjoyed for a long time in consideration of the environment. At the same time, it comes in a variety of unique designs, so you can have fun looking and wearing it.

The Pinnacle Top/Sweater has a nice design on the front, but the ribbon on the back is also cute!

I want to make a swimsuit with Soma Swimsuit this summer! A separate type pattern is also included, so it can be used for yoga wear.


This British brand is stylish anyway. I also feel a sense of packaging and photos.

We have several types of dresses such as Ellis & Hattie , so please look for the pattern that suits you. Some items are sold out online, but they are still available in stores.

It's also good to casually make a bag like Jack Tar .

Merchant&Mills stocks not only patterns, but also accessories such as needles and scissors, and buttons, so please take a look.

Enjoy Sewing!

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