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A bulky sweater that I still want to knit

March 20, 2019


Column designed by Hiromi Nagasawa, who has received many inquiries at stores since its release. It is a sweater that is simple yet full of commitment, and the shoulder line is very beautiful. There are two types of patterns, a bulky version and a super bulky version, but if you look at everyone's work on Ravelry and Instagram, there are various variations of yarn, and there are also simple knitting that brings out the goodness of one type of yarn. If there is, you can often see 2 or 3 types of yarns woven together.

I chose some recommended threads at amirisu.

Woolfolk Far & Tynd

In the pattern, Far and Sno were combined, but these two threads seem to be gentle and wonderful colors! Of course, the texture is the best.

Daruma Wool Roving & Isager Yarn Silk Mohair

For those who want a sharper look, why not pair it with khaki mohair? The base color is bright, so I think you can wear it lightly even in this season.

Daruma Wool Roving

Of course it's nice to knit simply with this thread. It looks good with light colored denim and bright colored pants and skirts.

It looks like the warm days will continue for the next few days, but there are also chilly days. Above all, I am happy that bulky sweaters can be knitted quickly. It seems that there are still more opportunities for cherry blossom viewing on chilly days and when the mornings and evenings are a little chilly.

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