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Design your own

April 28, 2018


In Tokyo, the "Basic needle knitting course 1" was sold out before it was advertised. I decided to hold it in Kyoto too!

This is a course where you can design a sweater from scratch while learning how to draw a basic draft of a set-in sleeve. The calculation method of the top-down sweater is also added twice, making it a total of 6 courses.
Upon completion, a graduation certificate will be sent to you and you can proceed to the next advanced course.

Every month, as a job, I design and write patterns, and in addition to technical editing and proofreading, I look at a large amount of pattern data every day as a lecturer. My technique is always practical. I wish I could tell you that.
With a little learning and experience, it is possible to design and knit something to wear yourself.

I want to make something that fits my body.
I want to knit that sweater I saw in magazines and photos.
I want to shape the thread I have.

Let us make your wishes come true!
It's full of homework, but I'm sure there's a lot more to learn. The members of the Tokyo team, who have already started, are having fun learning, even though they are struggling every time.

In Tokyo, we are planning to make a new frame from July. Please wait.

Click here for details of courses in Kyoto!

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