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a book about socks will come out

March 25, 2016

Today is the information about amirisu's sock book.
I am finally able to guide you.
I've been preparing little by little since last year's sock club, and towards the end, I rushed like I was being chased (in other words, I worked desperately until the deadline!), and now that I've run through it, I'm happy, happy, amirisu is.

Hey! Click here for the cover.

As the title suggests, I collected popular patterns from Ravelry and translated them into Japanese.
We have collected 12 wonderful socks patterns.

Overseas sock patterns are often stylish and practical.
I've heard people say that they want to knit, but it's too difficult to learn in English. In particular, it is difficult to decipher the techniques that are unique to overseas socks because they are not often used in Japan.

In this book, we have prepared videos for all the techniques that are easy to stumble upon.
I think it's easiest to see. As those who knit English patterns will know, there are times when you don't get it right even if you read it in the sentence, and when you search it on YouTube, you get the point.

In addition, since it is knitted by a Japanese test knitter, the parts that are simplified in the original English pattern are translated while supplementing them so that the Japanese can understand them easily. So, I think that you will be able to challenge patterns that are difficult in English.

The inside looks like this.

Title: Book of knitting socks with popular patterns from Ravelry
Price: 1300 yen

release date:
Sales will start on Tuesday, March 29th.

Of course, on the 29th (Tuesday), we will also sell the sock yarn used in this book!
You can start knitting book socks right away. Please look forward to it.

The magazine amirisu is also the same, but the release of the book really makes me feel good. I'm happy to publish amirisu's first book in this season of blooming cherry blossoms.

We hope this will help you to have fun knitting socks.

Oh yeah, we are planning to do a fair at the store after the release.
I'll let you know again.

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