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Cute sock yarn in stock!

September 16, 2014

Do you know a manufacturer called KOIGU?
A manufacturer of sock yarn in Canada, it is a very popular yarn over there.
100% wool with excellent texture! It's hand-dyed and tiered (it's kind of like a tongue twister...).

The feature is that the pitch of the tiered dyeing is short. If the pitch is long, the stripes will be clearly visible when the socks are knitted.
But this is a short pitch, so you can start without hesitation. And it's fun to knit because the colors change from one to the next.

This pattern was knitted by Tokuko.
The color is P115.
Actually, I don't really like tiered dyeing, and I used tiered dyeing for the first time in my life.
Perhaps the short pitch was suitable for me. was fun!

Here's what Mary knitted.
The color is P118L.
A fun pair of pull-up knitting. It's cute that there are fine colors on the white background!

Knitting socks requires 2 skeins, so the shop sells them as a set of 2 skeins.
If you hate tiered dyeing, please do! I fell in love.

Click here to purchase.

Manufacturer: Koigu
Product Name: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM)

100% Merino Wool
175 yards (160m) / 50g
Made in Canada

Hand-dyed and step-dyed yarn for socks, which is still rare in Japan.
Purchased from Koigu, which is very popular overseas.
Supplied in 2 cassette sets. You can knit one sock with one skein. Two skeins are enough for both feet.

Merino wool is very soft. Luxury for your feet!

*This product contains 2 boxes. please note.

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