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Guidance on how to buy interchangeable circular needles

April 08, 2015

We have decided to always carry 8 types of the popular HiyaHiya replacement ring needle set that we have been handling for a long time.
Once you use the replaceable ring needle, you really can't do without it. There is no loss to buy!
HiyaHiya has two features.
・Very light because the inside of the needle is hollow.
・Because the root part of the cord rotates, the knitted fabric is not twisted and there is little slack.
It's an excellent product.

There are 8 types, so I'm sure there are many people who are wondering what to buy. This time, I would like to explain the product so that it is easy to understand for both beginners who have never bought a set and those who have already purchased a set.

How to choose a set

・First of all, let's decide small or large.
Small from US2 to US8. Large is from US9 to US15.
If it's your first time buying, we recommend starting with the small size, which has all the numbers you use often.
I want to do everything with a changeable circular needle! If you think that, please also use the large.

・The tip of the needle depends on the knitting method.

There are two types: normal (very sharp) and sharp (very sharp).
Sharp is recommended for those who have tight hands. It should be easy to knit because it can easily pass through tight eyes.
If you press the tip of the needle with your finger, it's normal. Sharp may hurt your fingers.

・The length of the needle depends on how you hold it.

Available in 4 inch and 5 inch. In cm, it is about 10 cm and 13 cm. 3 cm makes a big difference.
Check your knitting style. For those who hold the needle with only their fingertips, 4" is fine. For those who hold the needle tightly while knitting, 5" should be easier to knit.
4" has a short needle tip, so it is easy to use when knitting small loops, such as sleeves.

・It's hard to understand because the products are divided, but here is the link.

You can choose the type of needle tip.

If you want to buy the small 4 inch, click here.
If you want to buy the small 5 inch, click here.
If you want to buy the large 4 inch, click here.
If you want to buy the large 5 inch, click here.

if you buy accessories

Buy a set and you're done! That's not what I mean.
The set includes a cord, 40cm / 60cm / 80cm / 100cm, and a needle tip, but there are many other items that should be added. Let's introduce them next!
Currently, we only offer accessories that match the small set. Items that can be used for large will be available in the near future. Please wait a little longer.


The good thing about interchangeable circular needles is the cord. Not only can it be used on holidays, but there is no problem even if you have more braids. Well, I have a problem. . . .
We recommend the 60cm and 80cm cords. It's useful to have about 3 cords that you use often.

・Cable stopper

HiyaHiya's popular panda cable stopper. As introduced in the previous code, when the needle tip is removed and the eyes are resting on the cord alone, it is attached to both ends of the cord instead of the needle tip to prevent the eyes from coming off.
It would be better to have at least two.

・Needle cap

This is attached to the tip of the needle. Triangular rubber ones are often sold. That's it.
Attaching it to the needle is safe and prevents the eye from coming off. If you like pandas, please check it out!

・US2.5mm stylus tip

We have a US 2.5 size that is not included in the small size. Buy this, perfect! You can choose the needle tip and length, so please choose the one that suits your set.
Here is the 5 inch one.
Here is the 4 inch one.


Parts that connect cords to cords. Now you don't have to worry about picking up cardigan plackets or big shawls at once!

・Needle tip adapter

If you attach this to the tip of a replacement needle, you can turn it into a short needle. 3-needle You use the short hand when processing BO or I-Cord, don't you? You don't have to take out the hour hand separately. convenience!

We have a starter set for you!

If you've read this far and thought, "Oh, how troublesome!" I made a starter set packed with everything you need for the first time.
This is safe even for beginners to change circular needles! All you have to do is buy additional cords that are missing as you use them. Please enjoy the convenience of the replaceable ring needle.
Click here for the product!

set content:
Small set US2.5mm stylus, 2 panda cable stoppers, 1 connector

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