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October 22, 2021


A balaclava that I recently saw on SNS and was interested in. It is a balaclava worn as cold protection during winter mountain climbing and winter sports. It was an unfamiliar word for me, who is not good at winter sports. When you think of a balaclava, you might imagine something black and tight, but there were many cute balaclavas in the knit world that could be used on a daily basis.

First, Lewsky from MOON AND TURTLE , a book by cute Canadian twins Kiyomi & Sachiko Burgin. It's more of a hood than a balaclava, but the optional face shield can be pulled up to the braided nose to completely wrap your face. It seems that this can be used in various ways, and above all, it is fashionable! It seems to be good as a present for men.

This is PetiteKnit's November Balaclava . One point is that the ears and neck are hidden and kept warm while pursuing femininity. How nice it would be if you knit with the finest yarn! There is also a child size pattern, so it's good to match with your child.

Speaking of child size, this Baby Bear Balaclava by Pernille Larsen is also cute! Knitting for Olive Merino and Soft Silk Mohair are combined, so it should be fluffy and comfortable. My cheeks loosen up to this place I'm looking at.

Would you like to knit a stylish balaclava this winter?

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