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I want to knit with a mini cassette!

December 25, 2020


Merry Christmas!

This year, I feel like I've spent the whole year feeling somewhat hazy, but since the beginning of December, I've been looking forward to opening the advent calendar every morning, baking cookies for Christmas, and knitting presents with all my might. I feel like I've finally regained my usual pace.

Advent calendar mini-cassettes are cute just by looking at them side by side, but it's also a blissful time to knit them little by little. So I looked for some patterns.

First of all, this is Wool & Pine's new shawl Viserion, which was also popular with faded sweaters.

It's shaped like a horizontal muffler, and the tassel is also nice. You can easily change the length as well.

Socks are also attractive.

Some of you may have already knitted them, but the Berlin Socks designed by Chihiro Homma are knitted with two threads. It's definitely fun to knit not only mini-cassettes, but also leftover sock yarn. I'm trying to sort out which thread to use.

And now I'm knitting this Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart

Because it is a simple pattern, you can knit while enjoying the transition of colors. I'm excited to put it on the back of the sofa or use it as a lap blanket after I finish knitting.

The amirisu advent calendar also includes an original shawl pattern, so please try knitting it as well.

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