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request from amirisu

February 19, 2021


Since last year, the number of emails and telephone inquiries from customers has increased rapidly, making it difficult for us to carry out our work smoothly. As we deal with each one, the number of inquiries piles up one after another, and all of our staff are having a hard time because some of the issues that should have been solved as soon as possible are buried under the rug.
Therefore, in order to respond to inquiries as smoothly as possible, we would like to refrain from replying or responding to the following 5 inquiries. We would appreciate it if you could read and understand our current situation and thoughts.

1. There is no stock on the net, is it sold out?
→ Of course you are right.
Even if you don't have it in stock on the internet, maybe it's hidden somewhere? We receive this inquiry quite often. In-store inventory cannot be sold online. We cannot answer inquiries about individual stocks. You cannot sell anything that is not online.

2. Please let me know when they are back in stock. I would like to know when it will be delivered.
→ If I had notified each person individually, the staff would have collapsed from being too busy.
amirisu handles nearly 30,000 items. The staff can't figure out when each one will be in stock.
We can't notify you individually, but for that reason we have a system in place to send you a restock notification email. I would appreciate it if you could use them.

3. I want it included.
→ We do not bundle it. No matter how much you ask me, I won't do it!
After pressing the confirmation button, I think that there is a thing called "Oh, I forgot to buy that!" In that case, please send us an email requesting cancellation immediately. We will process the cancellation at our company, so after that, I hope you can do your shopping slowly. However, in the case of popular items, there is a high risk that other customers will buy them immediately after the customer cancels. If you think "I definitely want to buy that item!", we recommend that you pay the shipping fee and purchase it as it is.

4. Please expedite the shipment. Please let me know when it will arrive.
→ After the order is confirmed, it will be shipped within 7 business days.
We accept mail order with the promise that we will ship within 7 business days. If you can't make it in time, we don't recommend purchasing it.
Also, I'm having trouble with inquiries about when it will be shipped. We will ship within 7 days, so please wait.
Of course, if you do not receive a shipping notification even after 7 business days, even though it is not a long holiday, please contact us.

5. Anonymous email
→Although this is not a question, we will refrain from replying to anonymous emails.

At amirisu, many customers around the world are currently shopping through online shopping. I think it's a convenient service that allows you to purchase almost all yarns and tools without having to visit a physical store, and it's a wonderful system that allows us to introduce our products to many customers.

Currently, within the system, all the staff are working hard every day to deliver packages as quickly, without error, and efficiently as possible. At the same time, we would like our customers to be satisfied with the amirisu mail order flow before making a purchase. For that reason, we have created pages for " Precautions/Conditions for Shopping " and " FAQ " .

Recently, the number of inquiries by e-mail and telephone has increased, and the staff has been overwhelmed by responding to them. Most of them are specified in " Precautions/Conditions of Shopping " and " FAQ ". We hope that you can imagine that even if the customer makes only one inquiry, the more inquiries we receive, the more inquiries we will receive.

Of course, we always accept inquiries such as "I received a shipping notice but it never arrived!", "The contents were wrong!", "The product is defective!".

Before contacting us, we would like to request that you read the " Precautions/Conditions for Shopping " and " FAQ " once. That's one point. It's not that long, so I hope you'll read it once.

We would appreciate your cooperation so that amirisu can continue in the future.
Thank you very much.

Tokuko & Meri

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