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How to start a slow business 7 - First complaint

July 12, 2019

No matter what kind of work you do, if you become a sole proprietor, such as freelance or self-employed, you must be prepared for complaints. It's not fun, but it's an unavoidable topic. (As someone who used to work for an insurance company, a claim is originally a claim for insurance money, so I use this word incorrectly. In English, we don't call it a claim.)

These days, it's not just the phone, it's also the email. Selling goods and services is a fun thing to do, as we often receive words of appreciation from customers, but a certain percentage of customers are not satisfied. Even in places like Amazon where most of the items are managed by machines, sometimes the number of items is wrong. Even more so, the work done by real people can make mistakes, and there can be defects in the product, problems during transportation, and even the response of the delivery person.

I actually started a business in my twenties, and I was running an online shop, which was quite rare at the time. There were many times when it was even missing.

If you are a big company, you have to take the scolding inquiry from the customer, which the call center will take on your behalf. At first, I feel like crying, but I gradually come to be able to take it calmly. Keep it on!

Depending on the customer, there are times when they are really troubled and angry (at that time, I will sincerely apologize and respond as much as possible), but in fact, I tend to get angry easily There are people who do not have it), there are people who have a harsh tone that exceeds their intention when it comes to emails, and there are people who are not good at writing. Rather than being shocked and unable to deal with the situation, being able to calmly come up with the best solution and implement it should ultimately be appreciated. I believe so. In order for new staff to be able to respond without crying, let's think about countermeasures in advance for possible cases.

Another important thing is to draw a clear line from the beginning about what you can do and what you can't do. Declare from the beginning that if you don't have people to provide detailed service, you won't do it. If you start doing what you can't do, and the number of orders increases and you become sloppy, it will lead to complaints and health problems. If you are thinking of selling patterns on your own, please consider this in advance.

In general call centers, I often hear that the people in charge of customer service tend to be mentally ill. Most of them are part-time workers or temporary workers. On the other hand, when I am in the position of the customer, I want to remember that, and I would like everyone to think about it.

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