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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's knitting work history 5-

May 11, 2019

Earning 60,000 yen from knitting was a very difficult task for me at the time, so I decided to make up for it by dispatching data entry staff three times a week.
I was working in a skyscraper in Roppongi Midtown, but it was just a stopgap job, so I enjoyed working in the city. Nao-san was actually on the same floor, but we'll talk about that another time!

While studying knitting, I spent days seriously thinking about how to achieve this 60,000 yen with just knitting. "Selling knitted works" was my first idea of ​​earning money. At that time, there were no big events for selling individual handmade works or an online shop system that could be easily uploaded.
As a trial, I made small pouches and accessories and tried to sell them at such places, but of course they didn't sell very well.

When I was looking for what to do, my husband decided to transfer to the Kansai area. I moved from Kanagawa where I lived for two years to Kyoto.
The dispatch contract just ended, and I got the qualification, so the timing was good, but I couldn't use the Kanto handmade sales route list I researched using the Internet. It's time to move again!

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