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until the sweater club is made 3

September 17, 2019

セータークラブができるまで 3

Even when I was on a business trip to Tokyo, I knitted little by little and even got to the sleeves.
I thought it was cute even with short sleeves, but I don't wear short sleeve sweaters, so I rejected it.

My usual method is to turn my shoulders back and pull it off. The reason I rarely design top-downs is because I find it difficult to wear top-downs myself.

I have a thin body, so if it's a top-down style, there are few parts that catch on my body, and the sweater tends to swim over my body. A sweater that moves freely forwards and backwards is hard to wear at this age!
That's why I always try to keep my shoulders free. It's a small thing, but it's a sweater I want to wear every day. Feeling comfortable is very important.

Also, the problem when returning is how to maintain the pattern. This time, the basic pattern is a double rubber stitch, so I decided to turn back while knitting the rubber stitch.
It's okay, everyone can do that much.

My recent trend is to pick up the sleeves from the bodice and turn back to make the sleeves. I don't like it when I use this method with thin, soft threads because it makes the flicker stand out. If you bind it, it will be ragged.
It's a very surprising method for those who have only knitted Japanese general patterns!
But don't worry, as you can see it works fine.

I also thought about the design of the cuffs, and after that I started knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting, aiming at the goal. I'm still thinking about the next design.

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