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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's history of knitting 3-

May 08, 2019

After graduating from university, I planned to become a librarian and read as many books as I wanted, but the economic bubble burst when I was in my third year. The path to becoming a local government employee turned out to be terrifyingly difficult, and my plans were quickly derailed.

It's rude to say it for the time being, but I decided to get married, and after that, I lived in western Shizuoka for about 7 years, partly because my husband was transferred. During that time, I worked part-time at a family restaurant and ended up working as a municipal employee at an elementary school with about 800 students, but none of them made me want to work for the rest of my life.

After that, my husband changed jobs and moved to Okinawa. The last place I worked full-time was an amusement hall, a so-called pachinko parlor, and that was the turning point.
First of all, my boss in Tokyo who I worked with at that time was a famous person in the industry who had moved from a major amusement center. Until then, I was worried about how to handle myself as a company employee who could not behave well.

Also, the women I worked with complimented me on what I was knitting and seriously asked me to order it. I think it was Naoko Shimoda's sequin bag.
Of course, I was always knitting something, but I didn't get many compliments until then. At the time, I was busy knitting for my older sister who was living in Paris. I hadn't knitted a single piece of clothing for myself. Of course my sister was pleased, but even if I was praised by my relatives. I didn't even think about trying to work.

I declined the order, but I started to think that I might be able to make knitting a job because I received so many compliments. Come to think of it, besides music and reading, the only thing I continued to do even after becoming an adult was knitting. And over the past ten years, I've come to realize that I'm not suited to be a company employee.
I felt sorry for my boss, but as soon as I decided to quit the company and study knitting seriously, my husband changed jobs again and returned to the mainland. All right! Here's your chance!

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