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For those who want to knit English patterns 3

December 11, 2017


Well, the abbreviation is perfect! Is not it. CO, M1, RS, K. ​​Can you guess what it is right away? Are you familiar with Japanese sentence patterns? Hi to all! If you answered yes, the goal is near.

It's finally all in the English pattern! I would like to, but I have a big problem here. It's a "designer unreliable problem".
I always have a hard time teaching English pattern beginners who don't trust Kaku designers. If the knitting method and the number of stitches are not as expected, he says, "Maybe the pattern is wrong."
I'm having a hard time persuading you here.
Of course, there are cases where it is wrong, but in the case of Ravelry's super popular pattern that I mentioned at the beginning, errors are often improved. Yes, you are right!

One of the reasons why it seems like this is that the flow of knitting is not well understood. English patterns have a lot of spirit to increase pattern sales by using interesting knitting methods, so there are many knitting methods that we don't even think about.
That's the fun part, but it's a pain for beginners. I know how you feel.

So, the first English pattern to choose is "a pattern that clearly shows the flow of knitting".
Ordinary simple clothes and accessories. A simple straight knit scarf is also good. If you are a person who knits top-down with Japanese patterns, I think that's fine.

And once you've picked a pattern, it's a good idea to translate all of the patterns first. I write the translation in my notebook. Until the very end! Then you should know how to knit. Translate everything and understand the knitting flow perfectly before knitting. When you come this far, it's not a study of knitting, but a language study. Unfortunately.

It's a very hard work at the beginning, but I always tell my students to do their best with 3 pieces of clothing. Do 3 and you'll get used to it. There is no one who has not been able to read by doing this, so it's okay. Let's work hard together.

Next is a recommended English pattern introduction. looking forward to.

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