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Sweater Club 2020! Episode 4

November 17, 2020

セータークラブ2020 ! 4話目

I always want to make patterns rationally, so I decided to continue the elastic knitting on the armholes without having to pick up the sleeves later. Don't you hate picking up your eyes just for a little elastic armhole? However, because of that, the sleeves are a little loose, so I made the ends slippery.

While knitting the back body, I kept thinking about the pattern I should put in, and I came up with the idea that if I increase the number of pieces from the center with a certain rule, I can easily guess the pattern.
Year by year, I find it troublesome to knit something while looking at detailed charts. In the first place, knitting itself is troublesome, but it's a strange story, but patterns with rules are easy! I like that. So, this twisted rubber knit pattern is very easy to put in. No charts.
When I wore the sample size, it was a little big, so I also prepared an XS size.

Today, we have finished calculating the amount of thread, and all that is left to do is create the product page!
In fact, because I had been knitting with roots for two months, it became difficult to raise my left shoulder, and I finally reached 50 shoulders! I thought, but recently the pain has completely subsided, and it turns out that it's just over-knitting.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be careful not to knit too much.

Anyway, above all, the sweater club has been completed safely this year. We are looking forward to your participation.

*Sweater club sales are scheduled for November 20th.

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