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Sweater Club 2020! Episode 2

November 11, 2020

セータークラブ2020 ! 2話目

I really want you to wear it in 2 ways because it is labeled as 2 way.
The photo of the first episode is the so-called normal version. The back body comes down straight and the hem has lace.

In this photo, I'm wearing it upside down. The back body is shorter, but the lace at the hem is around the neck, giving it the impression of wearing a shawl.
The lace is fluttering and cute.

Anyway, it's light, thin, and warm, so it's convenient to have one. When I travel, I often bring an ultra down vest with me as insurance, but it's warm enough to replace it! After all, a good thread is different.
And the important point is that the neck is warm. I am sensitive to the cold and have short haircuts, so if my neck is cold, I won't be able to wear it.

The front is open, so if you only care about the arm area, you can wear it in any size without worrying about it.
I'm glad I made a design that can be used with good thread! I immediately wore it on my business trip to Tokyo. It's nice to take off your cardigan when it's hot.

Next time I will introduce the next design.

*Sweater club sales are scheduled for November 20th.

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