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For those who want to knit English patterns 2

December 03, 2017


Now, do you remember the password? "You should study like a high school student!"
For the second time, I will introduce you to what you should start studying to get started.

As you know, English patterns are all expressed in sentences. When it comes to writing, you have to understand all the English, don't you? . . I think, but in fact, most of them are composed of the same form of English syntax + abbreviations.

An abbreviation is an abbreviation for an English word. For example, K, P, CO, BO. Also, technique is often abbreviated, and representative players such as M1 and Kfb.
There are only about 20 commonly used abbreviations, so it's not that hard to remember. Remember this first! Actually, the most difficult thing is whether or not you can recognize the abbreviations that appear in the sentences as abbreviations.
Now, Mr. Google does most of the work, but unfortunately he hasn't studied knitting abbreviations yet, so even when it comes to translation, only gibberish translations are completed.
Here, humans need to understand whether it is an abbreviation or a normal English word.

To memorize abbreviations, I recommend starting with Japanese sentence patterns. The Japanese sentence patterns provided by amirisu use a lot of English abbreviations, so they are ideal for the first step towards learning English patterns.

First, learn English abbreviations in Japanese sentence patterns. This is my recommended short course.

We now have two kits, one with Japanese sentence patterns and the other with video explanations of English patterns. If you are worried about studying alone, please try it!

Next is "You should study like a high school student, Part 2". looking forward to.

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