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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's knitting work history 12-

June 04, 2019

I thought that the proposal for the publisher had been completely forgotten, but there was probably a meeting where the proposal was brought together, and my proposal was accepted, so it seems that the face-to-face meeting was carried out.
As usual, I gave a passionate speech to people who were completely unfamiliar with knitting for about two hours, but I went home unsure if they liked it or not.
At that time, I only remember what the deputy editor said, "Patterns are like programming languages."

Anyway, the book was published, and I had to spend hard days working on amirisu and preparing the book for publication.
I got up at 4:00 in the morning to see the final proofreading and went to work.
From around this time until the start of the amirisu company, you worked really hard. However, working with the publisher has led to my current job, and I was able to learn how to set up a shoot, which was very useful for amirisu's work.

In February 2013, "Fashionable Knit Recipes -Let's enjoy knitting with English patterns" was published by BNN Shinsha.
I listened to the editor's opinion when writing this book, so it's not 100% what I wanted, but I think it was a book that conveyed my desire to introduce, even a little, to the world of knitting in the world where I live. .

Now here's the problem. I didn't belong to any handicraft organization, and I didn't have any real acquaintances in the so-called industry. However, a completely different development awaited.
At the stage when the publication is decided on Amazon, the contents of the book and photos are posted, and it is in a form that can be pre-ordered.

The reviews have been raging, and the reaction has been tremendous, both for me and for the publisher. I spent my days feeling like I was being swallowed by a storm, but I think it was precisely because of the response I received that time that I gained the confidence and preparedness to make this work. I was mentally trained.

After a month of being exhausted both physically and mentally, one day when I finally got back to my daily life, my husband announced the usual thing.
"Next is moving to Kansai."
Hooray! I'm tired of Tokyo.

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