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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's knitting work history 10-

May 29, 2019

I met Meri on Ravelry. At that time, I enjoyed wandering through the forest of Ravelry night after night, but I happened to find Ms. Meri there, and her knitting was so wonderful that we became friends on Ravelry for the time being, and then followed her on Twitter.
I remember that Meri immediately followed up.
We were just followers, but thanks to this message from Ms. Meri, we became friends who could meet directly and talk about knitting.

After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, I had been teaching for two years, and had successfully completed the 60,000 yen challenge, earning a certain amount of income from teaching. If you read the blog, you can see how the classrooms are gradually expanding as the number of students increases.

While working as a lecturer, I was thinking at the time that I wanted to publish a book to raise awareness that knitting is fashionable and free.
The more I continued knitting, the more I couldn't stand the gap between the world I was in and the Japanese knitting world.
As usual, I read related books, went to meetings where I could listen to stories, and took action to realize it.
I thought that if it was a small booklet, I might be able to pay for it myself, but I gave up on it because it was too difficult.
But I want to publish a book! I had a lot of enthusiasm for it, and when I appealed to various people, nao introduced me to an editor, and although I submitted an enthusiastic proposal, unfortunately I didn't get a reply.

I couldn't stand such a frustrating situation, so I decided to publish my own e-book. After reading a passionate blog post about it, Ms. Meri immediately sent me a message saying, "I'll do it too!"
In fact, at that time, I had only met him in person twice, but for some reason, I immediately thought of doing it together. November 2011, this is the moment amirisu was born.

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