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Knit in 1-3 days! Patterns you want to knit with ASAP / Quarry

October 17, 2015

Today I roughly knit with thick thread
Introducing yarns and patterns that can be completed immediately☆

Madelinetosh - ASAP
Pre-shrunk processing from one piece, the same as TML, which is hand-dyed and very popular.
Since it is a thick thread, cowls and hats can be completed immediately.

Cute pullover from Joji, who is very popular in Japan!
The point is the raglan pattern and the design that fastens the sides with buttons.
XS-S uses 4 skeins, M-L uses 5 skeins.

Drop Stitch Cowl is also famous Abi's pompom hat.
It's cute even if you change the color of the pompoms.

A bear cowl that you can choose from baby to adult sizes!
Use 1-2 skeins.

Brooklyn Tweed - Quarry
Fluffy and soft with wool from Wyoming
tweed yarn. Because it is twisted to contain air,
It is characterized by being very light for its thickness. It is sure to be warm!

This is the beret pattern that was introduced in today's Walnut newsletter .
I used about 2/3 of the size of Tokuko.
Also pay attention to the knitting method starting from the top I-cord.

A stylish hat with a simple garter weave and a unique shape.
This is Brooklyn Tweed's Jared with threads other than BT
It's a pattern I designed, but it's nice to knit with Quarry!

It was an introduction of the pattern I want to knit with ASAP and Quarry .
Find your favorite color and enjoy knitting loosely.

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