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How about a cup of tea like this while knitting? 02

August 18, 2020

編み物しながら、こんなお茶いかが? 02

Mari Kawanishi, the owner of " TE tea and eating ", has selected the tea that we would like you to enjoy while knitting.
Available from our online shop this summer.

It's a tea that you always drink casually, but if you know it deeply, it's even more fun!
Continuing from the last time , we will ask Mr. Kawanishi about the appeal of Chinese tea.

Let's drink tea together "Wadaika Ichikibun Kyokocha"

The big attraction of Chinese tea is its fragrance.
It was created to enjoy the change of each brew,
Isao tea (ingenuity tea).
Mari Kawanishi of "TE tea and eating" was inspired by Isao tea.

"That's why tea utensils are so small. You can condense the aroma in a small teapot, brew it one brew at a time, and enjoy the changing aroma. First, before pouring the tea, leave the tea leaves dry. Then warm them up." Put it in a teapot, warm it slightly, and feel the tea leaves waking up from the scent.Furthermore, after drinking, you can smell the scent of the tea leaves.The attachment to the scent is amazing...! This is because the aroma refreshes the mind and body.”

There are many types of tea, but they are originally made by plucking and processing the new buds of the same tea tree. Different types of tea are produced depending on the method of fermentation and the method of tea production. It is classified into 6 major categories.


Green tea: Unfermented tea Longjing tea, Biluochun, etc. Yellow tea: Slightly post-fermented tea Junshan Yinji, Mengting Huangbu, etc. White tea: Slightly fermented tea Bai Peony, Baihao Yinji, etc. Blue tea: Semi-fermented tea Wenshan Baozhong, Oriental Beauty , Anxi Tieguanyin, etc. Oolong tea Black tea: Completely fermented tea Keemun black tea, Shozan Shoshu, etc. Black tea: Post-fermented tea Pu-erh tea, etc.


The difference in taste that I felt in each of the teas I have drunk.
When classified in this way, I see! That's what I think.

“The aroma and taste of the tea varies depending on the degree of fermentation and the way the tea is processed, such as the pasteurization. Sometimes, I think it would be great if I could share the background of tea, such as where it is produced and how it is made.”

One of the teas that Mr. Kawanishi chose for amirisu this time is Bunzan Bautong tea.
Oolong tea from Taiwan, equivalent to "blue tea".

“The main type of tea produced in Taiwan is oolong tea. There are tea-producing areas all over Taiwan. When the tea leaves are shaken to make small scratches, fermentation starts from there. Oolong tea is a green tea that is half fermented.There are many types of oolong tea, and the taste and aroma differ depending on the production area.Oolong tea is suitable for continuing to drink slowly for a long time by adding hot water many times, so knitting I think it's perfect for having fun while doing it. I think it's suitable for knitting because it calms me down and clears my head."

There are many types, so choosing according to the scene like that,
Recommended by Mr. Kawanishi.

"A cup of tea in the morning, with a meal, or when relaxing in the evening... I choose and enjoy tea according to the time of day and my mood. I love drinking alone and with others. I love drinking alone. When you drink tea, it becomes "nothing". Is it supposed to be "quiet"? It calms my mind. If everyone enjoys it together, their hearts will soften and they will be able to communicate comfortably. I'm in the process of renovating my house to create an atelier, and I want to make it a place where I can have a quick cup of tea anytime. So that you can enjoy it alone or with everyone.”

If you always have tea by your side, you can spend comfortably.
Next time, I will introduce the recommended tea for this summer, which was chosen for amirisu.

It will be sold at amirisu's online shop, so please enjoy it!

TE tea and eating
Mari Kawanishi
He is widely active through tea and food, such as holding tea parties and classes centered on Taiwanese and Chinese tea, selling tea, developing original tea products, and presiding over FANTASTIC MARKET (graf). Preparing online shop. Check the schedule on Instagram.

Editor & Writer
Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
Editor of amirisu's free magazine "yomirisu".

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