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Pippu Kit (with Japanese sentence patterns)

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Pippu, a beautiful shawl with contrasting stripes and lace patterns.
Designer Ambah O'Brien was inspired by the Zen gardens and moss-lined sidewalks of Zen temples he visited on his trip to Japan. This shawl has a simple, understated beauty and is easy to use.

I assembled a kit with specified yarn woolenflower twig and whorl. woolenflower yarn is a special yarn with a sense of luxury. Now in stock for New Year 2021. The delicate shades of vegetable dyeing are perfect for this shawl.

Alternate twig and mohair whorls to create a braided stripe. After that, weave the lace pattern softly with two whorls of mohair. While knitting the body, i-cord edging is completed at the same time.

Kit contents

woolenflower Twig 1 case
woolenflower Whorl 2 cases

Kit details
designed by Ambah O'Brien

Finished Size <br data-mce-fragment="1">Approx. Height 61 cm, Width 223.5 cm

Thread used
woolenflower twig
(50% Camelid - Alpaca, 25% Silk, 25% Cellulose - Linen : 600m / 656 yards : 100g )
woolenflower Whorl
( 72% Goat-Mohair, 28% Silk: 420m / 459yards: 50g )

Needle to be used・US5 (3.75mm) circular needle

Other tools・Binding needle ・Stick number marker (optional)