January 29, 2016

Yarn On The House recommended pattern 2

Continuing from yesterday, today we will introduce the recommended pattern of BIG SISTER .

First, a hat pattern from Yarn On The House. Although it is a very simple rib knit cap, it is also possible to fold back the accent part and wear it. I had a friend knitting this with FATHER as a gift for a man. The relaxed version worn by women is also wonderful.

And this photo I posted on my blog the other day is a pattern called Izel. The Native American-style braided pattern is cool and perfect for YOTH's chic colors. Recommended as a one week project.

Same thing with hats. A pattern called Fresh Mint by Alicia Plummer. The texture of the chevron pattern made by ply knitting is cute.

The first recommended shawl is Onward. Quince's Lark is the designated yarn, but if you knit with BIG SISTER, it will be more luxurious.

And Mala, which I have personally wanted to knit for a long time. The designated thread is just DK, so it's perfect. It looks like it's going to be a warm and easy-to-use standard shawl.

Here are the clothes. Jane Richmond's Clarke has a nice boyfriend sweater atmosphere. The specified thread is also Big Sister, 4:1 skein for S size and 4:2 skein for M size. It looks so comfortable, I want to knit this.

This is also designed by Alicia Plummer. The pattern named Cooldown is a design inspired by sportswear. Of course, I don't think you can wear it for jogging because it's a waste. There is one point on the back and it is cute. The feeling of the sleeves is also interesting, and it is an interesting design. The yarn used is about 5 skeins for S size. It's not specified, but I think it's probably about 3:2.

Carrie Hoge's pattern, which is currently on sale at amirisu, seems to fit the gauge, so I'd like to try it. Sibella is designated as Sport, but I think you can get the gauge by lowering the needle. 5 cases.

DK has a wide variety of patterns, so please try to find a design that looks good on you.