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News of plant dyeing WS

February 02, 2017


I received information that Kristine Vejar from A Verb For Keeping Warm (AVFKW), a popular store near San Francisco, would be coming to Japan, and I was able to have a workshop at the WALNUT Kyoto store.

AVFKW is not only popular as a yarn shop, but also famous as an original brand of vegetable dyed yarn. The beautiful subtle colors are wonderful, and Meri has long been a big fan. I personally buy a lot of yarn. Last year, he published a book called The Modern Natural Dyer. It has become a bestseller. This is the one I introduced in amirisu's book review.

This time, we are planning a WS to teach the basic dyeing techniques introduced in the book. There are various WSs for dyeing, but there are not many opportunities to dye wool. In addition to dyeing and weaving wool, she is well versed in various methods and dyes. You may also hear stories about dyeing with plants from various countries. I think it's going to be a very fun ws!

WS details

Date: Saturday, March 25, from 12:00 (3-4 hours)

Place: WALNUT Kyoto 3F space

Cost: 10,000 yen (including materials and interpretation)

*The workshop is in English, but an interpreter will be provided.
*Lunch is not included. Please bring your own lunch.

Sign up here.

Autograph session at WALNUT Kyoto store

After the WS, a book signing event will be held at the store. An interpreter will be provided, so please take this opportunity to ask any questions. Hours are approximately 16:00 ~ 18:00. Anyone can participate.

It will not be held in Tokyo for the following reasons.

Lack of space No use of firearms No time for the teacher

We do not accept waitlists

We have already received inquiries from several people, and at this time, even if there are several cancellations, we cannot expect that we will be able to secure new recruitment slots.

Kristine will be at the fall retreat again, so please join us there.

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