January 21, 2016

Information on Bulky Yarn Fair @Walnut Tokyo

Tokyo is finally starting to feel like winter with this week's snow.
It's suddenly getting cold, so I want to knit a warm sweater, but if I start knitting now, when will it be finished?
Bulky yarn is just right for such situations.
It progresses quickly and is finished in no time. and very warm. The gorgeous atmosphere will liven up this time of year when the sky is a little dark.
The bulky yarn fair scheduled to be held at the Kyoto store will also be held at the Tokyo store.

*Date: January 28th (Thursday) and January 31st (Sunday)
We are waiting for you with various bulky yarns and kits.
We will also hold workshops.

Hygge cowl

First, the Hygge cowl kit that was very popular last year. It has re-stock. Many people shy away from ultra-thick yarn because it is too casual, but as expected of woolfolk, it has a luxurious feel. It's an adult-like elegant finish. It is a kit of thread, Japanese pattern and button.

Agnes and Chevron Cable Mittens

Then there are the familiar Agnes and Chevron Cable Mittens. Quince & co.'s classic Puffin . Cute colors are available. It is a kit of thread and Japanese pattern.

Quarry was also used in Brooklyn Tweed's new collection "BT Winter 16" which was featured in the blog the other day. Because it is twisted to contain air, it is characterized by being extremely light for its thickness. The pattern knitting is very fluffy.

This is not a kit, but a cute pom-pom hat Fidra . I also knit Meri. You can knit with one Quarry skein. This is the English pattern only. Please feel free to contact us so that we can download Ravelry on your behalf at the store.


Zazanna knitted with a very light super bulky yarn Berroco Peruvia Quick . Puff sleeves make your arms look delicate. It's bulky but soft, so the volume is modest and you can wear it neatly. You should be able to realize the goodness of Peruvia Quick . It is a kit of thread and Japanese pattern.

The popular WOOL AND THE GANG kit will also be sold at 20% off the list price!


I also do workshops.
A workshop to knit the popular LOOPY MANGO DIY kit. It can be done in no time, so depending on the item, it will be completed that night!

Participation fee is 0 yen, only the price of the kit.
The pattern is a simple English pattern.
I will teach you carefully, so please join us even if you are new to English patterns.
Knitting is easy, so it's okay if you're new to knitting.
It's not my first time, but I want to knit with those fat needles! For those who say, of course, please come and visit us.

*Date and time:
January 31 (Sun) 10:00-12:00

*Place: WALNUT Tokyo
*Lecturer: Hiromi Otsuru *Capacity: 6 people *What to bring: All materials are in a kit. Come empty-handed.

Please choose your favorite item.

・Her Scarf - A cute scarf is ready just by knitting a garter. Knitting beginners are also welcome.

・Cleopatra Cowl - Cute cowl with color scheme. Knit in a circle. For a fashionable accent.

・Her Beanie - A simple hat that is easy to wear. You can practice how to knit a basic hat.

・Her Shawl - A voluminous triangular shawl. There is an increase eye and a decrease eye, and it may be the most difficult in this.

Sign up here!
Sunday, January 31st

All of them are high-quality bulky yarn carefully selected by amirisu.
I would like you to actually feel the finest touch in your hand.
The cold days continue. Please come and visit our store to find knitting that will warm your heart.