June 10, 2016

Shibui Linen Recommended Patterns

Speaking of summer knit today! Shibui knits " Linen "
Here are some recommended patterns.

At WALNUT, there are " Hane " and " Kage " kits with video lectures,
" Whispers kit " published in amirisu No.4 is also very popular " Linen ".
Isn't there a lot of people who are already a summer standard?

Shibui's Linen is a lily yarn, so it is thick and very easy to knit.
It has a crisp texture that feels good on the skin, and you can wear it refreshingly even in the summer.
Linen thread that can be knitted and worn.

Shibui Linen's recommended pattern, first of all, amirisu is the same
From Olga's design.

1. Irokata Tee by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Designed by Olga using Linen,
Stylish summer knit with front and back switching lines and color scheme.
If you start knitting now, it will definitely be a hit this summer.
In the left picture, Tar is used for MC and Ash for CC.
The linen thread has beautiful coloring, so please enjoy choosing colors.

2. Sakasama Jacket by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

This is also Olga's work.
A cardigan that can be worn upside down and upside down.
Perfect for cooling off.

3.Otherside by Melanie Berg

Recently, the "Ingwer" video course kit has been well received.
Tank top using Melanie's Shibuya Linen.
It's a nice point that you can knit roughly with thick needles and finish it quickly.

4. ...a hint of summer by Isabell Kraemer
One of Isabell's popular works "…a hint of summer"
If you knit with Shibui Linen, it looks like it will be a nice border pull for adults.
Available in sleeved and sleeveless (short sleeve) versions.
Short sleeves can be worn in the summer, and sleeves can be worn until early autumn.