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New product introduction: Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag & Pyramid print

October 29, 2015

Fringe Supply Co. is a knitting tool shop based in Nashville, USA, run by Karen Templar, known as a fashionable knitter and blogger. The blog Fringe Association is now the most influential knitting blog and has many fans.
This time, new bags and posters have arrived at amirisu!

Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag

This is a project bag made of canvas with a leather handle. Of course, there is a pocket that can be used to divide small items, and another pocket has a hole through which a thread can be passed. If you use it when knitting, you won't have to worry about the thread getting tangled in the bag.

Fringe Supply Co. Yarn Pyramid print
A must for yarn enthusiasts! Letterpress Yarn Pyramid Poster.
Pyramids make no sense. . . But a perfect poster for knitters! Isn't it? It's a black and white base, so it should match any interior.

Please also include the popular leather pouch and number ring !

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