January 16, 2016

“BT Winter 16” recommended pattern introduction

The new collection from Brooklyn Tweed, which is very popular at Walnut
"BT Winter 16" has been released!

In addition to LOFT, SHELTER, and QUARRY
A total of 16 items, including new yarns and plains lace shawls
A pattern recommended by amirisu from the collection
I will pick it up and introduce it.
(I'm very, very sorry, but Plains is a Brooklyn Tweed exclusive.
Not available at amirisu/Walnut. Thank you for your understanding. )

The muffler "Oxbow" on the left of the photo is a 3-case Quarry/Hematite,
The right hat "Halus" is a skein of Quarry and Lazulite.
Knitted with thick needles, it can be completed in no time
Quarry accessories can be used as gifts for Valentine's Day
We can still make it in time.

Click here for pattern details.
Oxbow by Julie Hoover
Halus by Jared Flood

Next, two pieces of Quarry wear.

Photo left; Riptide by Norah Gaughan
7 to 11 Quarry, sample color is Moonstone.
A pullover with a beautiful pattern from the yoke to the cowl neck.
It seems to be relatively easy to knit with bottom-up circular knitting.

Right: Snoqualmie by Michele Wang
The most popular items in this collection are
A big jacket that uses 10 to 14 Quarry.
The shawl collar is cool all over!

The last one is Merry's favorite.
League by Veronik Avery
A stylish pullover knitted in LOFT 3 colors.
Stormcloud, Sweatshirt, Soot,
The brown-grey color scheme is perfect.
Of course, you can also choose your favorite three colors and create your own original outfit.
It's convenient to have a color sample to choose the color of the color scheme!

Click here for the SHELTER + LOFT color sample book
Click here for the QUARRY color sample book
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