May 13, 2016

Styling Introduction - Asagi

Starting this month, Walnut will start a blog where staff members will wear samples in turn and introduce their styling.
The first is Asagi designed by Bristol Ivy from amirisu10. The model is me, Tokuko.
It's the first time I've ever said anything, so I'm the start!

First of all, from Asagi's pattern introduction.
Anyway, this pattern is very interesting to knit. Actually, I'm a technical editor, and it was the first kind of top-down I had ever seen. The difference between the front and back is novel. It was so novel that it was very difficult to calculate. Even if the calculation is difficult, knitting is not so difficult!
I think it's a good pattern that has both an interesting part and a relaxing part.

I knitted and took a picture to relax.
I'm 155cm tall, and although I'm obviously skinny and my body isn't thick, I have wide shoulders, and when I wear it, the S size looks like this. The front body rises by this much in any size.
For a relaxed style, I paired loose pants with New Balance sneakers.
I can't wear G pants when it's hot in the summer, so my summer style is like this. (I'm the president, but I look like this every day.)

The designated thread is wool from Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus , but it's a refreshing type of thread, so I think it can be used until early summer. It was a little chilly on this day.

Click here for the kit . Another staff will appear next time. looking forward to!