October 03, 2014

"Knit born from Danish life" is now on sale!

Autumn is in full swing. The long-awaited book by Marianne Isager is out today.

Last year, by chance, I received an offer to translate, and I'm really happy because I've been involved in this project for about a year.
I've been dating Marianne since the beginning of last year, and it seems like we're getting along as a family. Under such circumstances, I felt a strange fate when I was involved in the translation through a different route.

In addition to translating the text and patterns, I also supported communication with Marianne, so I was able to participate in everything from the selection of works to the shooting. I learned a lot as an editor. At Marianne's home, I couldn't stop being excited about the night when I selected the works to be published from among the many candidates. The unpublished work was also wonderful. After all, it is a collection of works that Marianne has selected particularly good ones from among the works that she has presented overseas so far, changing colors and designs, and refitting them for Japanese people.

My personal favorites are the Sky Tree on the cover (muffler) and Good News (sweater).

The triangular shawl with a lot of drop stitch called Clarka is also cute.

At amirisu, we have assembled a kit for Isaga yarn. Order online. (Threads from Richmore and Hobby La Hobbyre are also used in the book, but we do not handle them.)

In the kit, we divide one skein in half and provide it, so it is more profitable than buying it separately.
In fact, WALNUT also sells thread only. If you want to knit in other colors, please come and visit us at the shop.

" Knit born from Danish life by Marianne Isager Bunka Publishing Bureau