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A Half-day Kyoto Textile Tour



Japanese Knitting Pattern Reading Lesson and Craft Shopping Walk (A half-day tour)


Would you like to try knitting from Japanese knitwear books?
You will learn how to read Japanese knitting patterns in a one-hour lesson at amirisu, using a pattern from the Japanese yarn company, Daruma.
You don’t need to understand Japanese in order to follow Japanese patterns.
Japanese patterns are written schematically in diagrams and numbers. The rules are quite simple and once you understand what the numbers mean, you can try any Japanese pattern.
We will also give you some tips to figure out the instructions.

In the lecture, we use one of Daruma’s popular sweater patterns as an example, and you are welcome to buy yarn for the sweater at the shop if you like. The tour also includes a hat making kit that comes with both Japanese and English instructions, as a souvenir and a lesson to try at your home.
After the lesson, enjoy shopping at amirisu’s store. Our friendly staff is happy to help you find the patterns and materials for whatever you wish to create.
Our guide has a decade of experience in the handicraft business in Kyoto and will take you to hidden and inspiring shops to get the finest and most unique yarns and materials.

The shops we may visit…
An inspiring yarn shop directed by knitwear designer Setsuko Torii. There are various types of unique Japanese yarns, such as yarns made from Washi (Japanese paper). They sell most of their yarns by 10 gram increments and wind them to your desired size. At the shop, a lovely renovated traditional kyo-machiya, you can also see the beautiful collection of knitwear designed by Setsuko Torii.
High quality silk sewing thread shop.
・Tanaka Nao Senryoten 
Long established store selling various types of dyeing materials, tools, and fabrics.
・Kin no hitsuji
A shop specializes in wool fibers.

Please find your favorite knitting book at the bookstore while you stay in Japan, and bring it back to your home and try some projects!

・A half-day tour: 13:30 ~ 16:30
・8 people (Minimum numbers of participants is 2)
・Price:¥8,200 per person (+ tax)
・Schedule: Please check our website
・Reservation will be closed 1 week prior to the date.

What is included:
・1 hour lesson about how to read Japanese knitting patterns
・Daruma’s hat kit with Japanese and English instructions
・Shopping tour

Your tour guide:Izumi Shigemori

Studied knitted textile and knitwear design at University in UK. After working as a Designer at the Knitwear OEM company in Tokyo for few years, moved to Kyoto about 10 years ago and worked for the craft yarn company Avril and as the assistant of knitwear designer SETSUKO TORII. Involved in planning of yarn shop Itonokura and hold the knitting workshops for overseas travelers recently.

"I love yarns and textile since I met knitting in UK. I want to share that there are lots of inspirational craft designs and attractive materials in Kyoto, and in Japan."





レッスン後はWALNUT Kyotoでのお買い物をお楽しみください。

WALNUT Kyotoからもほど近い「糸のくら」はニットウエアデザイナー、セツコトリイが提案する糸屋です。和紙の糸など、日本ならではのユニークな糸が揃い、10g単位で必要な分巻き取って購入が可能です。


【 開催概要 】

・開催場所:WALNUT Kyoto
・価格¥8,200 + 税
 2020年:2/26 , 3/18 , 3/25 , 4/8 , 4/15 , 6/10 , 6/24 , 7/8 , 7/29 , 8/5 , 8/19 , 9/9 , 9/30 , 10/14 , 10/28 , 11/11 , 11/25 , 12/09 , 12/23

・1時間のレッスン 日本の製図の読み方


【 ガイド紹介 】